Hi Libby (and team)

This is a very belated email to say a super big thank you for the beautiful flowers you created for our wedding. The ceremony room took my breath away as I walked in …it was just as i had imagined. With little (in fact virtually no) direction from us, you created something truly incredible. From the elegant displays (best quote of the day…a relative claimed that the ceremony room flowers were lovely, but the ones on the table were really beautiful…who would have known they wouldn’t realise they were the same!), to the bouquets and button holes, the flowers really complimented the feeling of the day. They created elegance, but also a sense of fun….many guests had the ‘butterfly’ orchids in their hair/behind ears or on glasses following the meal!

We have a perfect wedding, relaxed and fun, just what we had hoped for. Thank you so much for helping us to achieve this.

I have attached a couple of Duncan’s photos wich really capture the displays beautifully.

Thanks again Libby

Claire x