Corporate flowers

In the workplace, flowers are more and more becoming the norm and a necessity. Whether in reception or in the boardroom, your clients and customers will subconsciously expect to see a display to greet them and to enliven the work-space. It has been proven that having plants and flowers are good for the morale and productivity of your staff, and that the right design can draw your clients’ eyes away from décor you might prefer to change, whilst focussing attention on the image your company would like to portray.

Priced to budget

We quite understand that financial management is key for a successful business, and will be happy to discuss different options to fit your company’s preferred budget

When you want it

We can deliver flowers on a weekly or fortnightly basis, or as and when you require them. We can create a schedule that suits you.


It is no trouble to arrange a visit to your workplace to discuss your wishes, so please do say if you have something in particular in mind.

All our designs at Libby Ferris Flowers are unique and tailored to individual requirements. We want to ensure your flowers are perfect.

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