Funeral & sympathy flowers

At a time of loss, flowers are recognised as both a mark of respect for the deceased and a gesture of comfort to the bereaved. Taking the time to choose a tribute is an intensely personal way to express feelings and communicate sympathy, in a quiet, visible and heartfelt manner.

The ephemeral beauty of flowers makes them a particularly appropriate way of paying one’s respects to the dead. The tradition provides great solace in a time of desolation and uncertainty, especially in these days, when strict mourning periods and behavioural conventions are no longer rigidly observed.

A suitable and carefully-chosen tribute will make a tangible difference to the ceremony.
Please do say if you have something in particular in mind.  All of our designs at Libby Ferris Flowers are unique and are tailored to your individual requirements. We want to ensure your tribute is exactly right.

We quite understand that bereavement is a very upsetting time and, if you would prefer it is no trouble to arrange a home visit, at your convenience, to discuss your wishes.
Please ring (01603) 886123 for more information.

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